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E-mail and SMS campaigns for your veterinary practice.
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Vaccination reminders Vaccination reminders

We remind your patients that vaccination time is here again.
Just to avoid missed vaccination.
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Regular deworming Regular deworming

Keep regular deworming intervals. When parasite free status is important.
» Deworming | Human doctors

Appointment reminders Appointment reminders

Simply remind your clients appointment date and time and reduce missed appointments.
» Appointments | Human doctors

More attractive practice

Brand new VitalFox veterinary practice management software (vpms) service will set value of your veterinary practice at higher level. Comfort of your clients is improved by our veterinary reminder with automatic notification about term of vaccination, scheduled appointments and other events.
Try VitalFox online and cloud veterinary practice management software - it is available for all countries.
Even vets and human doctors can make real customer's care in their practice. Check out VitalFox now »

Friendly and Robust

Veterinary software VitalFox is so easy to use for everyone. It works with your medical and veterinary management software fully automatically without your intervention. So you have enough time to do your primary business.

Our VitalFox veterinary software for practice management has „set it and forget it“ built-in feature. Setup VitalFox only once and after that everything is running automatically. Just top up your credit from time to time and you are done. :-)

From our customers

„ We are very satisfied with VitalFox service. Everything works great. We plan to use this service for preventive care notifications, too. Personalization is a nice feature because our clients can have 5 animals and they will get correct notification for every animal with whom they have to come. VitalFox does exactly what we need. It is so cool! ”

MVDr. Michal Fiedler, Slaný Veterinary Clinic, Czech republic Slaný Veterinary Clinic, Czech republic

Free registration

Nice reports and statistics

Nice reports and statistics Every day you get beautiful reports and statistics about all SMS and email messages. You can analyze your communication with clients and their feedback. You can see how many messages has been sent. You get delivery reports with date and time. You have statistics about free messages at your hand. VitalFox can be used as a powerful marketing tool.

Intuitive & Bright settings

Intuitive settings Our aim is to give you so simple system as can be. Just few clicks away are SMS and e-mails and you can customize everything - from senders name and mobile phone number (of course you can use your personal phone number, too) up to your own message content with client's and pet's name.

Change your plan at any time

Zmena balíčka hocikedy One day you need more, another day less. You don't need to know what exactly will you need in the next days, weeks, months. Pick any plan and simple switch to another at any time you wish. And of course completely free!
So when you wake up tomorrow, it's your freedom of choice...


Instant online activation

View VitalFox plans and pick one. No credit card required. No long-term contract. No questions. Activation is in realtime and you don't need to go somewhere or make any special request.
What else we can do for you?

Security at first place

What's great about VitalFox? Your data is safe, secure and secured with the latest security standards. We are continuously working hard to keep our solution secure. It means your data are fully protected and all potential software conflicts are eliminated in this way.

Need help? Questions?

How can we help you? Let's us know any time you need support. We really appreciate your requests, improvement ideas, new features, questions. If you have some special request don't hesitate to call us or email us. Contact us now

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